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Meet The Chef

It is a pleasure to meet you!

I am a self-trained cook and cooking instructor, Spending many years educating myself on food basics and many styles of cooking. My specialty lies in cooking from pantry to fridge, with fresh natural ingredients. I have lived and traveled in many cultures and countries studying techniques and flavors, including Germany, Hawaii, and all over Asia, working as a cooking instructor in Japan for 5 years.

Landing back in the U.S., my goal is to teach home cooks to be comfortable in their kitchen, lend myself to create meals for people that are time constrained, and provide catering for venues as small as date night or as large as a holiday gathering or party.

Living in rural New Jersey gives me access to fresh farm ingredients. You can trust that your food will never contain any growth hormones or antibiotics and always be fresh. I would never put anything on your table that I would not put on my own!